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About Us


Arnold Caddell

Arnold Caddell, a life-long Northern Kentucky resident, founded Heritage Bank in 1990 with a group of fellow business owners.

"In the wake of large bank mergers, we continue to preserve the concept of local community banking. We have created a bank where Northern Kentucky residents can go for advice and service for their financial needs from local professionals they know and trust." - Arnold Caddell

Heritage Bank is more than just a bank; we are your neighbors, friends, school volunteers, community advocates, and fellow residents. We are committed to knowing our customers personally, and providing a friendly, local banking experience.

As your community bank since 1990, Heritage Bank has grown to become one of Northern Kentucky's most respected financial institutions. Our core values of outstanding service to our customers have helped us remain strong and independent.

We're proud to say that we have our roots where others have branches.

Commercial and Mortgage Lending Team

Lee SchebenExecutive Vice President

Office: 859-342-0920 

NMLS# 810481


Pamela GoettingSenior Vice President

Office: 859-334-4206

NMLS# 434865


Peter WeickgenanntSenior Lender

Office: 859-334-4215

NMLS# 810480


Joe MayerSenior Vice President

Office: 859-572-9207



John NienaberVice President

Office: 859-384-5290



Matt RitzmannVice President

Office: 859-384-5294

NMLS# 1376615


Jay MelzerSenior Vice President

Office: 859-384-5290

NMLS# 1446804


Pat O'DonnellSenior Vice President

Office: 859-415-0545

NMLS# 1512296


Tom Schirmann- Senior Vice President

Office: 859-534-0850

NMLS# 754804


Robert Trump- Mortgage Loan Officer

Office: 859-534-0498

NMLS# 1295728


Greg Kirst- Mortgage Loan Officer

Office: 859-534-0862

NMLS# 460515


David Vu- Mortgage Loan Officer

Office: 859-445-3591

NMLS# 706247



Board of Directors

Chris Caddell – Chairman, Heritage Bank

Arnold Caddell – Vice Chairman, Heritage Bank

Lytle ThomasPresident and CEO, Heritage Bank.  

Larry Burcham – Business Owner

Verne Epperson – Business Owner, retired

Gary Griesser – Business Owner

Robert Lightner – Business Owner

Gary Wilmhoff – Business Owner, retired

Dan Catalano - Business Owner